Solar Panels

Solar Panels are installed on the Church and are producing power!

This is a wonderful project that we have been anticipating for the past year.  It will allow us to produce electricity and be more self-sustaining.  It helps the environment and will reduce our power bill.


The church received a grant from Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky program that covers a portion of the cost.  This will give us 55 solar panels along with all the infrastructure necessary to add as many more panels as we need in the future. We have been working with Synergy Power who helped facilitate and install the panels.  Synergy has placed a monitor in the Gathering Space that is hooked up to the solar panels and shows how much electricity we are currently producing and other fascinating details about how we are reducing our carbon footprint.


Thank you to all the donors and supporters of the church! Also, a big thank you to Rocky Mountain Power and their Blue Sky Program, and Synergy Power.


Synergy has been with us every step of the way making this process very easy from submitting our grant proposal to final touches on our project, they have great customer service and have been very accommodating.  We highly recommend Synergy Power if you are looking for solar panels for your business or home.  You can visit their website at


You can view the real time data of our solar panel array by clicking the link below.



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