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English language Baptisms: We baptize children 7 years of age and younger. If your child is 8 years of age or older, they must attend two consecutive years of religious education before they can be baptized. If they are 8 or older, please contact Melissa in the Office of Religious Education at 801-251-1236 or email or email her by clicking . To request a baptism for your child, you must be a registered member of the parish for at least 6 months before requesting a baptism. For requirements and a list of upcoming classes and baptisms, please see our baptism requirement handout located in the Gathering Space, or by clicking here: Requirements and Record. For any questions, please contact Deacon Sunday at 801-969-4466 or email him by clicking here


English Language Marriages: Please contact Deacon Sunday 801-969-4466 or email him by clicking here, at least six months in advance so that we can work with you to prepare for your wedding, and get the necessary classes and paperwork completed. Either the bride or groom need to be a registered member of the parish for at least 6 months before requesting to be married or contacting Deacon Sunday. After you ave met with the Deacon and completed your paperwork, you will need to take an “Engaged Encounter” class, and a “Natural Family Planning” class from the diocese. Please visit  for a schedule of classes or call Veola Burchett from the Diocese at 801-328-8641. The donation for a wedding is $500.00, please plan on paying this when you meet with the deacon.


Catechism/CCD Classes are taught in English language only. Classes are for children from Kindergarten to 8th grade. You must complete two consecutive years of catechism to receive First Holy Communion or Confirmation.   Normally, First Holy Communion is received in 2nd grade and Confirmation in 8th grade.   Catechism runs from September to May of each year.   Registrations are done in May for the upcoming year. For questions please contact the Director of Religious Education, Mrs. Melissa Castellano at 801-251-1236, or email or email her by clicking here   We follow the guidelines put forth from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in regards to sacraments and preparation. Please be aware there may be differences in the requirements and the celebrations if you are not used to the USCCB guidelines.

Registering at the parish: If you are not registered, please do so. New families, individuals, children of parishioners; 18 years or older, that have married, or just moved out of the house, but are still in the parish, need to register. You can find the forms in the Gathering Space of the Church, or you can download the Parish Registration Form in MS Word,  and type in your information or open the Parish Registration Form in PDF,  You can email the form to us at the Parish Office by clicking here, drop it off at the parish office, or put it in an envelope and put in in the collection basket at Mass. Please be aware that it could take up to 4 weeks to receive donation envelopes in the mail.


Quinceañeras: We celebrate quinceañeras in a group. A quinceañera is a special event in a young women’s life and should be celebrated in community. The emphasis on a quinceañera should be placed on the religious aspect and not the party or extravagant celebrations in the church. We celebrate the young women’s 15th birthday with her parents and Godparents in a group Mass with other young women celebrating their quinceañera. There is no “court of honor,” group of her chosen peers consisting of paired-off girls and boys, respectively known as damas (dames) and chambelanes (chamberlains). Only parents and God-parents will celebrate the Mass with their daughter.


Quinceañera Requirements

  • You must attend a class before your quinceañera. Classes are offered the Second Thursday of, August, November, February, and May at 7:00 pm in our Parish Hall.   We do not offer private classes at different times, you need to attend one of our scheduled classes.
  • YOU MUST HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED BEFORE YOU TAKE THE CLASS AND BRING A COPY OF YOUR CONFIRMATION CERTIFICATE TO THE CLASS. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you are not Confirmed yet you must wait until you are, then attend a class. If you don’t bring your Confirmation certificate to the class, you will be asked to attend the next class. You must be Confirmed at the time of your class, not by your quinceañera.
  • You must pay the entire amount for the quinceañera at the beginning of the class. We do not take payments. The cost for the quinceañera is $1,000.00. We do not accept checks, only cash and credit cards. The fee includes flowers and the choir. There is nothing else you will need to pay the church for.
  • Group quinceañeras will be held on the second Saturday of the month from May to September at 10:00 am. At the class please tell the teacher which group quinceañera you will be attending.


  • Quinceañeras are in groups only on the dates listed above. We will not celebrate private quinceañeras, please do not ask.
  1. You must attend a class before the quinceañera.
  2. You must bring copy of your Confirmation Certificate and pay the entire fee at the class or you will be asked to come back.
  3. We do not rent out our Parish Hall. No quinceanera parties will be held on church property, only the Mass.

If you are confirmed and would like a group quinceañera, please bring your certificate and fee to the next class. There is no need to call anyone or register for the class, just show up. For questions, please contact Elvira Carreño at 801-654-1741, or Email:

Just as Mary and Joseph presented the child Jesus in the temple, in many Latino cultures parents “Present” their children to the Church when they are 3 years old. While not a sacrament (children who are presented must already be baptized).

3-year-old presentations are done during Mass, no private presentations. We do not schedule presentations, they can take place at any Mass you attend. Please tell the priest or Deacon before Mass that you would like to present your 3-year-old and give them the donation. After Communion has taken place and the priest has returned the Body of Christ to the altar, please line up in front of the altar as you did for Communion. Only the child and their parents are to come up. The priest will ask your child’s name then do the presentation. The suggested donation for a presentation is $50.00.