Parish Groups

For Children:

Women of the Worker (the WOW’s):

Ours is a supportive and friendly group that has something for women of all ages and interests. You are welcome whether you come to every meeting or only occasionally. We understand that women have other obligations. All women of St. Joseph the Worker are de facto members of WOW. Come and join us and make some new friends! Activities include:

  • Bunco Nights
  • Bonnets & Breakfast Buffet
  • Silent Auction
  • Guest Speakers


Knights of Columbus

Our charitable activities encompass a wide variety of parish, diocesan, national, and international projects. From partnerships with Special Olympics and the Global Wheelchair Mission to our own Coats for Kids and other local projects, the opportunities to work together with fellow Knights and their families are virtually endless.

Every day we reach half way around the globe and to our neighbor next door to help those in need, making us witnesses to the faith.

If you’d like to be a part of an international organization whose principal work involves helping others, we’d like to meet you and invite you to join us.


Seniors Group:

Are you looking to socialize with other people from the parish in a casual setting? Look no further- The seniors are a terrific group of parishioners (55 years young and up) who gather once a month for a potluck lunch. They charter buses to Wendover at least once a year and recently raised funds to purchase a defibrillator which is located in the Gathering Space.


Ministry Leaders:

Food Pantry: Mr. Jim Reese: 801-739-3169

Open Tuesdays: 4:00-6:00 pm


Women’s Group: Mrs. Lydia Moore: 801-949-8115 Email Lydia by clicking here


Knights of Columbus: Mr. Mike Anglin 801-558-9192 Email Mike by clicking here


Director of Religious Education & Youth Group: Mrs. Melissa Castellano 801-251-1236 Email Melissa by clicking here


Seniors Group & Soup Kitchen Volunteers: Mr. and Mrs. Gerard & Pauline Collet: 801-676-9815 Email Gerry by clicking here


Music Director: Mrs. Agnes Yoon: 801-253-1076 Email Agnes by clicking here


Bereavement Ministry: Mrs. Nancy Mulder: 801-598-4340 Email Nancy by clicking here


Homebound Communion & Extra-Ordinary Ministers of Communion: Mr. Jim Steffon: 801-641-0029 Email Jim by clicking here


Liturgy Committee: Mr. Jeremy Castellano 801-251-1231 Email Jeremy by clicking here


Lectors: Mr. Patrick Dougherty-801-352-0697  Email Patrick by clicking here


Altar Servers: Mrs. Linda Boggess: 801-849-0002 Email Linda by clicking here


Ushers & Vocations Crucifix: Mr. and Mrs. Todd and Suzie Brown: 801-573-1883 Email Todd & Suzie by clicking here


Ministerios de Español: Mrs. Elvira Carreño 801-654-1741 Correo Electrónico Elvira


Bingo: Mr. Ed Lopez: 801-574-4881


Bingo Food Service: Mrs. Teresa Smith: 801-718-5865 Email Teresa by clicking here      


Bunco Coordinator: Mrs. Tawni Porter: 801-280-6239  Email Tawni by clicking here


Advisory Council: Mrs. Jan Meigs 702-219-7221 Email Jan by clicking here