Established 1964- Read about our interesting history!

12 part series about our parish history written by Anne Kurek in celebration of our 50th anniversary!

History1-Early Beginnings

History2-1st Mass & Dedication

History3-Social Hall is built

History4-Rectory & Convent Construction

History5-Sisters of theParish

History6-Priests of St. Joseph the Worker

History7-Early Organizations


History9-Father Carley Sports Field

History10-Good Bye Old Friend

History11-Jumping In

History12-We Did It!



A Brief History

St. Joseph the Worker was built in 1965 by displaced miners from now vanished towns of Bingham Canyon such as Dinkeyville, Lark and Highland Boy. The miners were forced to leave these towns by the expanding copper mine. Many of them, immigrants and children of immigrants, settled in the south valley areas of West Jordan, South Jordan and Riverton. They were spiritual refugees until Rev. John Sullivan led an effort to build a new Catholic church for them in West Jordan. This church would be a home of their own, a welcoming place that would restore their sense of belonging and community.

The south valley Catholics didn’t have much money but they were no strangers to hard physical labor. They built the church with their own hands. The church was placed under the patronage of St. Joseph the Worker, patron saint of the working man, in honor of these founders, men and women and children who put in long hours of work and effort for their newly found parish. Building St. Joseph the Worker Church was truly a labor of love by its founders.

The church served the community very well for 45 years. It was the site for countless baptisms, weddings and funerals and held a very special place in the hearts of parishioners. However, over the years, the beloved building started to show its age. Under the leadership of Father Patrick F. Carley, the parish began efforts to build a much-needed new church.

Despite an economic downturn and record unemployment which directly affected our community, parishioners once again pitched in with donations and hard work. They built the beautiful new structure which stands today. It is a true testament to their love and commitment to the St. Joseph the Worker Catholic community of West Jordan. The new church was dedicated on May 1, 2011, the feast day of St. Joseph the Worker.

Over the years the parish continues to be a welcoming place where people from many diverse backgrounds and cultures come to be joined in a strong sense of community. The church, in fact, draws a good number of Catholics from outside the parish boundaries who are drawn to the West Jordan church by its warm and welcoming nature. The church remains a working class parish with down-to-earth parishioners who are happy to pitch in when work needs to be done.